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After selecting your preferred kindergartens, please continue with the registration process by moving to "Fill out the application" below. You will see your preferred kindergartens at the top of the page next to the star for "preferred kindergartens".

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List of kindergartens
Name Profile More info.
Add Abildsø Menighetsbarnehage (P1365) Menighetsbarnehage External web
Add Abrakadabra familiebarnehage 0,8-3 år (P0530) External web
Add Aker Brygge barnehage 0-6 år (P0513) External web
Add Akersbakken barnehage 1-6 år (K0401) External web
Add Akersløkka barnehage 10 mnd-6 år (K0211) External web
Add Akersveien Kanvas-barnehage 10 mnd.-6 år (P0401) External web
Add Alléen sansehage (P0137) External web
Add Amigos Giraffen familiebarnehage (P0874) External web
Add Amigos Småen familiebarnehage (P0898) External web
Add Amigos fam.bhg., småvenner 0-3 år (P0675) External web