For information about our kindergartens and rules on the primary selection process, see the City of Oslo's kindergarten website.

Applying to a kindergarten

If you are registered as a resident of Oslo in Folkeregisteret, you must submit your application by logging on through ID-porten. This is necessary to validate and update your nationally registered personal data with the data in the application database. Of you are not registered as a resident of Oslo in Folkeregisteret, you must first submit your application without logging on through ID-porten. After your application is submitted, you must log in through ID-porten to confirm and save your contact information.

If you are logged on to ID-Porten, you can:

Respond to an offer
The person who was selected to receive placement offer must be logged on to respond to the offer.

See, change or delete application
If you have submitted an application for the primary selection process you may not change your application during the selection process. You will lose any legal right to placement if you do so.

Register your resignation or apply for leave of absence
If you accept an offer to change kindergarten, you need to cancel your previous placement here. The exception is if you change from one public kindergarten to another public kindergarten, in which case you don't need to register a resignation.

Change contact information
Offers and other information from the municipality regarding your kindergarten placement will be sent to your email address and cell phone (as found in the National Contact and Reservations Registry) or to the address registered in your name in Folkeregisteret. Click here to update your email and phone number in the national register.

Change family information

Register spouse or partner.